Expert growers at Relaximo created a wonderful variant of Marijuana seed. This hybrid has the qualities of  White Widow XTRM and the Original AK 47. The result is a super performing  hybrid. AK 47 XTRM feminized seeds are popular because of their  high yielding potential. Growers can expect a good harvest of up to 700 grams  Indoor and over 1000 Gram in outdoor conditions. THC level of AK 47 XTRM feminized is around 24%. This carries two different strains in an unequal proportion Indica is at 25% and  Sativa at 75%. These are the most popular seeds after regular seeds on our marijuana seed bank site.

The best result of cross-breeding we have ever seen. The flavor of the strain is sweet and the crystallized buds are big in size. Relaximo created a phenomenal innovation. It blends qualities of the White Widow XTRM and the Original AK 47 extreme. This is also an ideal medicinal strain.Most of these are shipped from amsterdam and other European nations.

AK 47 XTRM is a blend of Sativa and Indica in the right proportion.  flowering time is less than 8 weeks. Growers can grow it anywhere including basements, rooftops, greenhouses, fields, and farms. Marijuana dispensaries can make heavy profits with the yield. The normal yield range is from 700 grams to a kilogram.

Growers must take care in maintaining the right level of moisture and co2  in the growing area. Regular disinfection protects the crop from parasites and infections.

If you are a first-time grower then this can be a wonderful strain for you. It requires a very limited effort and gives a fantastic result. This cannabis seeds variety is a result of many research and experiments. It is one of the most popular variant searched in our online marijuana site

The height is average and it takes between 49 to 57 days for flowering. This variety is feminized and is well known for the height grows capabilities. Cannabis plants can grow almost anywhere including indoors and outdoors. This genetically modified strain has adapted itself to almost every climatic condition. The THC  level is  24%  and must be taken with caution. Marijuana from this variant can have medical implications if taken in high quantity.

Growers can try this train by purchasing few cannabis seeds from our online marijuana seed Bank. We will be shipping it to your house or any shipping destination. We only use fast shipping solutions so you can expect your seeds in the lowest time frame.

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