Strawberry Banana Seeds Feminized (10 seeds)


The Strawberry Banana is one amongst Reserva Privada initial seed company collabs with Serious Seeds!
Strawberry Banana could be a cross of Crockett’s Banana Kush and heavy Seeds Strawberry pheno of gum. The Strawberry Pheno of significant Seeds Bubblegum was such a frosty male that Reserva Privada knew that they had to cross it with one thingso that they ought to work and created the Strawberry Banana. She should be one amongstthe best organic compound producers we’ve seen, expect to envision smart yields with the flowering time of nineweeks. The concentrate that she produces is high notch winning awards at multiple cups round the world. She responds well to topping and will nice altogether systems. A medium to significant feeder the Strawberry Banana willmanufacture huge yields! Expect cognoscenti quality herb while not having to be associate professional husbandman! The beginner can shine still because the seasoned grower.Genetics: Strawberry Banana
Flowering Time: nine weeks
Yield: 450-500 M2
Type: half-hour sativa seventieth indica
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Strawberry Banana Seeds Feminized is that the fruit of 1 of their initial collaborations with those nice individuals from Serious Seeds of Netherlandsthey need created her by crossing their own Banana Kush, by stock farmerfrontiersman, with the strawberry pheno of the award winning chewing gum from Guru at Serious Seeds.

Strawberry Banana Seeds Feminized

With such a fruity title you may be imagining that Strawberry Banana could be a sense impression, and you may be right. It’s not concerning the flavors tho’. Strawberry Banana is a straightforward to grow plant that responds well to topping and LST and can reward the diligent husbandman with some spectacular yields. Buds area unit super frosty and also the organic compound production has to be seen to be believed. tell United States of America that she is verysmart for creating extracts and concentrates which a number of these merchandise have won awards in their title at multiple shows across the world.

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